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Posted on: June 22, 2011 6:12 pm

Bill Self Says F-U to Josh Selby One More Time

I know, two blog postings in one day, are you starting to gauge my massive boredom when there's nothing other than June baseball going on?
I'm driving just a little bit ago and I hear on the radio that the University of Kansas has released the following statement:

"Kansas Head Coach Bill Self will be available to speak with the media after Josh Selby has been selected in the NBA Draft. In the event that Josh Selby is not selected, coach Self will be available to speak with the media after the NBA Draft has concluded."

Bill Self must really hate what Josh Selby did to his team last year. Josh Selby was supposed to be the reason that KU won the National Championship in 2011. In October of 2010, I had Gary Parrish on my radio show on 90.7fm KJHK in Lawrence, KS. Parrish said that Selby was the difference, he compared him to John Wall, Tyreke Evans, etc... EVERYBODY was sold on Josh Selby. If Josh had played up to 70% of the hype, then KU would most likely be the National Champion. That would be frustrating to anyone, so I understand.

That said, for Bill Self and KU to give Josh Selby one last F-U moving into the NBA Draft is, in a word, classless. You can tell me, "Wait, they just released a simple statement." You can tell me that, but you would be wrong. Why single out Josh Selby twice in the statement? The University of Kansas and Bill Self did that so that everyone would just accept the fact that Josh Selby would be the final KU player taken in the draft. Why not just make the statement,

"Kansas Head Coach Bill Self will be available to speak with the media after every eligible KU player is taken in the draft."

That is all you need! You need more proof? Bill Self will be in the "green room" of the Morris Twins. This was a calculated shot, and as a KU grad, I am not even a little bit shocked. Never in my life have I seen a more petulant bunch of jackasses than when I came to the University of Kansas. The campus is on the top of a hill, and let me assure you, s--t rolls all the way down that hill.

Think Bill Self is a good guy? Why don't you ask San Diego State head coach Steve Fisher (Hint: He's on my side)

God Bless
Posted on: June 22, 2011 6:07 pm
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Posted on: February 5, 2011 6:17 pm

Markieff Morris is LEGIT

Watching the KU @ Neb game today,  I coud not help but think about the play of Markieff Morris. He is averaging over 12 ppg and leads the Big 12 in rebounds. Kieff had 17 points today. I think as fans we always get caught up in the moment and worry about what is next instead of looking back to the original expectations and enjoying the ride (I'm looking at you KC Chiefs fans).

Before this season began Markieff was not supposed to be a "star" on this Kansas team. Everybody in Lawrence knew what they had in Marcus Morris because he broke out last season, but Markieff has greatly outshined his expectations. During this past off-season, Marcus was invited to the LeBron James camp, Markieff was not. That was the first time in the twin's lives that they had been separated from each other. While I'm sure that it was tough for the both of them, I'm also sure it was much more difficult for Kieff. Few things cause more motivation than sibling rivalry, and with Cole Aldrich leaving after the 09-10 season for the NBA, Markieff was going to get his opportunity.

Markieff has made the most of his opportunity and has solidified KU's front court. With Marcus and Markieff Morris, Thomas Robinson, and Jeff Withey (Withey only if the 'Hawks are desperate, but the dude's still 7 ft tall) the Kansas Jayhawks are continuing to look like arguably best team in the country.

Markieff has been having a breakout season that's even bigger than anybody had anticipated, however, Markieff knew that he could have this caliber of a year way back before the season started. I talked to Markieff during KU Bball's media day. Kieff told me, "Now that Big Fella (Cole Aldrich) ain't here, I need to be tough on those blocks and pick up the slack on the boards." In a more roundabout way, Kieff told me he was more than ready for the responsibility and to keep an eye on him this year. So nobody thought that Markieff would have this type of season under his belt come Febuary 5th, except for Markieff Morris.

God Bless

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